Shattered Horizon: Dead in Space

5 01 2011

Ah, the first post on the new computer and well the first post in quite a while now. So I’ve decided to go a bit old school (horrible phrase) and return to the roots of the blog by writing about video games! However not just any video game but the indie PC title Shattered Horizon which I picked up recently in the Steam sales. Read the rest of this entry »


Trava Fist Planet

23 11 2010

And so in order to jolt some life back into this corpse of a blog once again I find myself sitting here (well lying here actually to be honest) attempting to get those dormant creative juices flowing once more in order to write a review of the 2003 OAV by Takeshi Koike, creator of Redline which is generating a huge buzz in the “blogosphere” (I feel dirty) at the moment and the “World Record” section of the Animatrix.
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Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Spider V*****: Fears Over The Ageing Anime Industry

16 09 2010

A few days ago a rumour broke out on Twitter that Yoshiaka Kawajiri director of Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D and various other works that have fuelled the western anime fandom for many a year, had passed away.

Thankfully however this quickly fizzled out Read the rest of this entry »

Chi’s Sweet Home Volume 1

6 09 2010

To put it simply Chi’s Sweet Home by Konami Konata is a manga about a cat, to put it less simply Chi’s Sweet Home is a manga about a cat, more specifically an American Shorthair kitten, who ends up losing her mother whilst on a walk and is hence found by the Yamada family who after trying to find her a new home end up adopting Chi themselves, problem being though that they live in a no pets apartment building. Read the rest of this entry »

Ponyo Review

13 08 2010

So to kick off my return to writing after a month’s break, despite the fact that few will notice knowing how infrequently I have been producing articles anyway, I have decided to review Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki’s most recent fare, Ponyo.
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Tetsujin 28

24 06 2010

Whilst browsing through Amazon recently as I am oft to do these days I luckily managed to stumble upon two brand new copies of the first two volumes of the 2004 remake of the classic series Tetsujin 28 which was released back in 2006 in the US by Geneon and by Manga in the UK. Read the rest of this entry »

Our New Promo!

10 06 2010

Hey everybody, we made a brand new promo for the podcast! If you’ve got a show and you like the Animangame Podcast or Blog feel free to play it and send us a promo for us to play at!

Promo 1